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Emotional recognition at work

We are all aware of the many benefits that recognition brings to the employee and therefore, also to the company. If we commit to recognise our employees’ work, we make them feel happy and valued, which contributes to their sense of belonging.

Happiness and good mood are contagious, so the work environment will be pleasant for everyone, and therefore, they will also be happier in their personal life, as it directly interferes with their work life.

Types of recognition

  • Recognition in terms of pay
  • Emotional salary

Both are important at Ecotisa Group, but certainly the one in which we put more heart, illusion and enthusiasm is in the emotional salary for our employees.

Emotional salary at Ecotisa Group

Why is this recognition so important?

  • We make our employees happy
  • We retain talent in the company
  • We encourage new goals in our professionals
  • Internal promotion
  • We create a great work environment

How do we do that?

  • By awarding a prize made with all our heart by our colleagues of Mi Pequeña Fábrica in a public recognition where we give value to their proactivity and daily effort.
  • We award our Customer Service Representatives with their own Star of the Walk of Fame. Were the best are to be found!

But do we value only tangible prices? No!

At Ecotisa Group we give value to the intangible in different internal events, awarding prizes to the people who are a reference point for the company’s values.