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Emotional salary in the workplace

We are all aware of the importance of the working environment for the well being and human growth both on the employees and the company.

At Ecotisa Group, people are our backbone, and for the company it is essential to encourage not only their professional growth, but also their happiness and well-being.

What is the emotional salary?

In order to all our employees come motivated to work and with desire to win the world, the Human Talent team works incessantly to develop the emotional salary: the non-monetary benefits for the employees which aims to cover those aspects such as their personal, family and professional needs that allow them to improve their quality of life, personal satisfaction and intellectual development.

Our ultimate goal is to serve as a boost or motivation for the employee and that this, in turn, improves the employees’ perception of the company.

Learn about the different areas of the company

Our Jungle! The sales room of Ecotisa, Una tinta de Impresión: where the magic happens, where we fight, where we fall, but we always ALWAYS raise and have fun together!

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The circus! A room decorated with this theme, as it is a space where several of the creative companies of the Group come together, such as Mi Pequeña Fábrica, WeAre MK and Winkle. It is a place where you can feel the imagination and the ideas flowing. Always with a smile.

Another space we have created in order to boost our employees’ emotional salary in our headquarters are the Dream Room and the Zen/Wellness Room.

Here at Ecotisa we are dreamers by nature. That is why we have created a room completely white where the stars hang from the ceiling because we often need darkness for the stars to shine, for it is those difficult moments that make us grow and shine.

Our Zen Room is a space with a vertical garden. Green creates a healthy indoor environment that helps us to relax, reducing complaints and tiredness, so we are in a relaxed space where we can develop, as well as have a friendly chat.

Our different spaces at Ecotisa Group.

The Wellness room, what better place to have some time during the working day where we are taught to breathe and be with ourselves, away from the daily chaos and energy of everyday life?

All these spaces represent us and encourage us to come everyday with a great smile and do our best.

Which one of our spaces would you choose?

Emotional salary in the workplace | Grupo Ecotisa